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Bioenergy Gasifiers

 The core of the Bioenergy bio reformer is a fluidized bed gasifier followed by a proprietary gas clean up system that produces a gas with a high methane content suitable for operation in CHP gensets. The system produces both hot water and electricity and emissions are similar to gensets operating on natural gas. Feedstocks with a minimum of 5mj/kg of calorific energy and moisture content less than 20% can be reformed with the system, lending itself to the conversion of refuse derived fuel (RDF) from municipal sourced waste (MSW). Carbon sequestration technology can be added to reduce carbon emissions to zero if required.

The Bioenergy gasification system utilizes an air-blown fluidized bed system proven at the current scale with dozens of biomass feedstocks, including numerous trials with our target feedstocks (manures and sludges). The fluidized bed system allows feedstocks with up to 35% ash to be converted. This ability to convert high ash feedstocks separates our technology from fixed bed gasification reactors that are limited to 10% ash, thus eliminating the majority of existing technology providers from competing with us in the low energy, high ash feedstock segment.