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Stockholm Resilience Centre study in CO2 emissions

August 7th 2018

Ecofocus Group becomes UK distributor of BuildingIQ

August 15th, 2018

This advanced Building Management System is a game-changer, pulling together 5 threads of building management to deliver pro-active control of the environment.

Ecofocus Group appointed exclusive distributor of SmartWater

September 1st, 2018

SmartWater should be universally deployed in all buildings where hot taps exist, saving water, energy and CO 2 emissions.

Ecofocus Group working with Priess Solar Lighting

August 17th, 2018

Priess are leading Danish lighting manufacturers with standard and custom lighting solutions for public spaces, car parks and wayfinding. Their solar products work off-grid with no cabling required.

Ecofocus Group launches Bio-Trans Nordic in UK

September 17th, 2018

Bio-Trans is a cost effective and hygienic food waste disposal eco-system that turns catering operations into better environments and ultimately turns food waste in energy.

UK Social Housing Boom

October 4th 2018

The government has announced a boom in social housing - let's get sustainability at the heart of every home built!

1.5 degree target

October 8th 2018


Ecofocus Group products all address this issue

Ceraheat ceramic heaters now in the UK.

October 31st 2018

Ecofocus Group becomes distributor of Ceraheat ceramic heaters from Finland - with low energy consumption and zero condensation, Ceraheat delivers the heat you want, where you want it.

Great meeting at Sustainability West Midlands

October 31st 2018

Ecofocus Group joined a number of participants in the Sustainability West Midlands seminar. There is so much we can supply to make the Commonwealth Games Athletes' Village and 215,000 planned homes in the region as sustainable as possible.

Responsible Leadership: The Business of Sustainability

October 31st 2018

Ecofocus Group joined a number of participants at the London Business School last night for an exploration of sustainability motives in business. Excellent panel discussion. We still do too little too late but banks are a driving force for good - requiring companies to assess the environmental impact on their business models going forward. 

Climate change: Oceans 'soaking up more heat than estimated'

November 1st 2018

The world has seriously underestimated the amount of heat soaked up by our oceans over the past 25 years, researchers say. Their study suggests that the seas have absorbed 60% more than previously thought. They say it means the Earth is more sensitive to fossil fuel emissions than estimated. This could make it much more difficult to to keep global warming within safe levels this century.

Climate change is 'escalator to extinction' for mountain birds

November 1st 2018

Scientists have produced new evidence that climate change is driving tropical bird species who live near a mountain top to extinction.

Researchers have long predicted many creatures will seek to escape a warmer world by moving towards higher ground. However, those living at the highest levels cannot go any higher, and have been forecast to decline. This study found that eight bird species that once lived near a Peruvian mountain peak have now disappeared.

Why our Purix solar air conditioning units matter

November 1st 2018

In 2016 around 10% of the world's energy use went to power air conditioning. The International Energy Agency says that this rate is set to triple by 2050, with air conditioning (AC) consuming as much electricity as is used in China today. As well as all the CO2 that is produced as electricity is created to power these devices, AC units also contain potent greenhouse gases in the form of hydrofluorocarbons. HFCs were introduced to protect the ozone layer, because the previous generation of the cooling chemicals exacerbated the hole over Antarctica that had developed in the 1980s. While HFCs are less damaging, they have a large global warming potential. In 2016, countries agreed that they would be phased out over the course of the next 15-20 years. If this happens successfully it could have a significant impact on limiting future temperature rises. Our Purix units are part of the solution.