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Energy Services to Meet Your Needs

the BuildingIQ Way

BuildingIQ 5i platform and services have a core set of data analytics, modeling, measurement & verification, and optimization technologies — purpose-built applications and managed services — that deliver value at any stage of a building’s lifecycle. Deployed for individual buildings or a global portfolio of properties, BuildingIQ energybased insights and services drive three key factors that benefit:

1 lower, more optimized energy use,

2 greater operational efficiency, and

3 improved tenant comfort.

These three powerful factors interact naturally and benefit and

address the energy related needs of property owners and operators worldwide by:

• increasing operating margins, property resale

or leasing value, and brand equity;

• simplifying regulatory compliance, and

• providing the modeling, predictive analytics,

insights, and closed loop control.

The BuildingIQ platform learns and evolves with your building’s needs or that of your portfolio of buildings. Deployments occurs once when you engage with BuildingIQ, giving building owners and operators an ability to select the services that best solve today’s problems, and then easily add new services to tackle tomorrow’s demands.

Benefits to Building Owners and Operators

BuildingIQ is offered on a subscription model and eliminates capital expenditures and risk. We stand by the value and savings we deliver.

BuildingIQ’s Energy Services:

• save energy, lower the cost of operations, and increase

tenant comfort in buildings,

• are deployed once for the lifetime of a building or a

portfolio of buildings, and

• get smarter everyday.

BuildingIQ’s Managed Services:

• act as a remote management and monitoring team that

augments existing facility groups to deliver an optimal

balance of energy efficiency and tenant comfort,

• offer repeatable, sustained and verifiable energy

savings, and

• evolve to provide cutting edge services

for the life of the building and become a

long-term trusted advisor to property

owners and managers.

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Ecofocus Group is an appointed distributor of the BuildingIQ system in our operational territories and will be pleased to demonstrate this innovative system to you. Easy to implement and you can start making savings right away.