Ceraheat heaters

Ceraheat is an innovative, all-new, easy-to-maintain Finnish heater solution. Ceraheat radiates heat like the Sun. It produces soft, targeted heat whenever you feel the need for it. Ceraheat heaters represent smart Finnish design and innovation. They create an entirely new decorative solution for various heating needs both indoors and outdoors. Stylish Ceraheat heaters elegantly complement the interior of your office or home. Unlike the thermal radiation produced by ordinary electrical resistance, the thermal radiation generated by Ceraheat heaters is of the long-wave type. Therefore, instead of heating the air, Ceraheat units heat the objects and people targeted.

Long-wave infrared radiation quickly induces the feeling of warmth. The infrared heat radiates softly and evenly; one Ceraheat heater is sufficient for an approx. 10-15 m2 room. While used, Ceraheat heaters are completely silent – there is no thermal expansion-related noise.

Suitable for all types of premises

At work and at home, Ceraheat combines the benefits of outstanding performance with elegant Finish design. No wonder clients across Europe are adopting this sustainable, healthy environment option.

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terraces, balconies

restaurants, stores


public buildings

industrial, office, work and storage premises

agricultural production premises

process industry production lines


verandas, balconies

terraces, patios

greenhouses, winter gardens



hobby and work rooms

bathrooms, dressing rooms

Ceraheat has many health benefits too

Infrared radiation is effective in easing and even treating certain diseases and various causes of discomfort. Saunas are among the oldest methods of delivering radiating heat in a controlled environment. When the wavelength of the radiation is controlled, the need for energy is usually less than heating based on conduction. Additionally, far infrared (FIR) penetrates deeper into the receiving object. Heat by radiation heats objects directly through conversion without having to heat the air in between.

Ceramic materials radiate far-infrared rays. Radiation generates heat more evenly than conversion; therefore the objects’ surface temperature is much higher than that of the surrounding space. CERAHEAT® heaters are made using ceramic materials, so they radiate plenty of far infrared rays, but without UV-lighting or lamps or wires that could get alarmingly hot.

CERAHEAT® ceramic heaters are classified by the wavelength of the far infrared they emit. The heaters are low-temperature far infrared heaters, so called because their maximum surface temperature is between 60°C and 200°C (140°F to 392°F). Because the surface temperature remains low at all times, CERAHEAT® heaters do not produce harmful emissions or unwanted smells from, for example, dust, dirt, formaldehyde, or paint. As such, CERAHEAT® heaters have a positive effect on health. When used at low temperatures, the heaters can be placed in, for example, living rooms and offices, and even used in conjunction with various treatments. If used at a temperature of 90°C (194°F) or more, the heater must be installed, for example, on the ceiling to avoid direct contact with the heater.

Employing their far infrared rays, CERAHEAT® heaters warm up the receiving object to up to four centimeters (1,5 inches) beneath the skin, increasing blood flow. This decreases the risk of a coronary by helping to ease the symptoms of hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. The far infrared rays emitted by the heaters can also help prevent or ease the symptoms of congestive heart failure, pulmonary disease, stress, and atherosclerosis. The heaters are effective also in reducing cholesterol levels.

For more information, see the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health article “Far infrared radiation (FIR): Its biological effects and medical applications”, and Dr. Richard Beever’s article “Far-infrared saunas for treatment of cardiovascular risk factors”, published in the July 2009 issue of Canadian Family Physician

The heat source of a Ceraheat heater is an electrically conductive ceramic heating element. The heater body is made of aluminium. Owing to its structure and manufacturing materials, the heater is rustproof and safe. Ceraheat heaters are suitable for outdoor and indoor use, dusty and moist premises – IP54 rating ensures protection against dust and water splashes. Owing to its structure and materials, the heater is rustproof, silent, and odour-free. Ceraheat retains its functionality under diverse operating conditions, including sub-zero temperatures.

Because of their relatively higher surface temperature, Ceraheat 750 Classic / Ceraheat 1000 Classic heaters are suitable for terraces and balconies, for example. Classic models can also be used indoors if connected to a room thermostat.

Ceraheat 750 W TC / Ceraheat 1000 W TC heaters are suitable for fire hazardous spaces, since the maximum surface temperature does not exceed +90 °C. The heaters comply with official protection rating and surface temperature requirements.

Advantages of Ceraheat heaters

  • Warms up and heats quickly.
  • Soft and even heat radiation.
  • Easy ceiling or wall installation.
  • Rustproof, maintenance-free and easy to clean.
  • One heater is sufficient to heat up an approx. 15 m2 room.
  • Completely silent – no thermal expansion-related noise.
  • Stylish Finnish design.
  • Interior design-friendly appearance owing to design and colour options.
  • Protection rating IP54 – protected against dust and water splashes.
  • Excellent fire safety – no filament, no sparks.
  • The heaters retain their functionality at sub-zero temperatures.
  • Suitable for connection in series with fluorescent lights.
  • No dust (wood) ignition or dirt burning to the heating element surface.
  • Maximum surface temperatures +90 °C or +225 °C (pleasant working atmosphere near the heater).
  • Two-year warranty.

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Ceraheat is characterised by excellent fire safety, since dust and dirt will not ignite or burn to the heating element surface. The heater does not include filaments; there are no sparks. In case of Ceraheat Classic, the maximum temperature reached is +225 °C, which ensures a pleasant working atmosphere near the heater. In case of Ceraheat TC, the maximum surface temperature does not exceed +90 °C, which means that it complies with official electrical safety regulations with respect to protection rating and surface temperature.

CERAHEAT radiant heaters are equipped with an advanced and durable ceramic heating element. The heat source is a tempered glass-protected conductive metal oxide layer (nanotechnological coating). The heating element is not susceptible to corrosion or airborne impurities and is easy to keep clean owing to its flat, smooth surface.