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 Ecofocus - Sustainability combined with Covid-19 Resilience Solutions

Dishwashing Technology

Minimal water consumption and effective energy management add up to an extremely economical washing process and top-class environmental performance, plus Covid-19 required levels of hygiene ideal for care homes, hospitals and any facility with large numbers of people accessing catering.

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Total Washroom Solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of touch-free, infra-red activated faucets for washbasins, showers, urinal flushing, soap and disinfectant dispensing, and hand drying. As well as being ideal as a retro-fit hygiene solution in response to the Covid-19 pandemic our ranges are focused on water conservation and sustainability.

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Touch Free Soap and Disinfectant

Touchless soap dispensers for liquid soap or disinfectant. We have free standing as well as wall mounted options

Consisting of:

· For wall mounting

· Casing made of impact-resistant plastic, white

· With level indicator

· Special key for locking

· Ready for activation in closed state

· Activation distance: 1 to 8 cm

· Dosage: 1 ml

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Rack and Flight Dishwashers

Safe cleaning processes for large scale applications

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Under Counter Dish & Utensil Washers

Safe cleaning for smaller scale applications

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Bedpan Washers

Safe treatment with this bedpan washer and disinfector

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BA Mask Cleaner

Safe cleaning for breathing apparatus masks for medical and fire service requirements

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More Great Ideas Coming Soon

Watch this space

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More Great Ideas Coming Soon

Watch this space

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Employees Want COVID Workplace Safety

Covid19 resilience is a vital element of returning to work and there are a number of ways Ecofocus Group can help you achieve that 

as well as progressing your sustainability achievements too.

“Employees have demonstrated that they do have safety concerns in the workplace, but generally trust their employer to take care of them,” said Gregg Gordon, vice president, industry, Kronos. ”This should signal to employers that they have a responsibility to step up and employ all methods necessary to protect workers physically and mentally during COVID-19, regardless of whether employees have worked all through the pandemic, have recently come back to the workplace, or won’t be brought back for another few months.”

Industry Week 20th August 2020