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Eco Thermostat

• A new, ground-breaking, retrofit, intelligent thermostat that works across most types of cooling systems from air-conditioners and chillers to commercial refrigeration.

• For commercial, not domestic use (except in very hot climates where high usage is the norm).

• It significantly improves the vapour-compression refrigeration cycle on cooling systems to reduce energy used.

• We supply and fit using our own qualified and trained electricians ensuring minimal operational interruption and correct installation.

This thermostat reduces energy costs on refrigeration by up to 30% and air-conditioning by up to 40%. It has a typical ROI of 18 months, with low risk and tax efficient finance options available. Leasing costs can be fully funded from savings. It also reduces CO2 emissions so supports your Corporate Social Responsibility plan, with associated PR opportunities. It improves temperature stability as well as client and staff comfort in communal areas. There is also an opportunity to reduce costs and share benefits, within 3rd party partners in any supply chain e.g. food processors, logistics and retailers.

Subject to your location and the number of air conditioning or refrigeration units you have, you may qualify for a free trial unit.

Contact us for details.

Main Features

  • Non-invasive intelligent thermostat with dual temperature sensors
  • Auto-detection of cooling and reverse cycle operation
  • Sixteen user selectable operating temperatures
  • Built-in audible alarm in the event of a cooling failure (alarms can be silenced or turned off)
  • Eco Thermostat App. for monitoring and remote control
  • Retrofit solution installed in 2 hours by qualified installer with no disruption
  • Local isolation bypass on/off switch

Main Benefits

  • Up to 40% reduction in electricity use
  • Unrivaled energy-saving performance
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Fast Return on Investment
  • App. displays kWh/CO2e data and remote switch
  • Improved temperature stability
  • Improved air quality and comfort assurance
  • Zero dripping or icing up
  • Reliable high-impact technology
  • 24-hour support and a three-year warranty

Case Studies

Defence company achieves 40% energy savings.

The thermostat was set up on two identical wall mounted Mitsubishi Mr. Slim split air con units operating 24 x 7 in an IT comms room. The thermostat was installed on one unit, but not on the other and the electricity consumption monitored using a 3 phase OWL Smart monitor. 

The total energy saving was 40.3%.

Installed in the Aylesbury District Council head quarters.

The unit was installed on three new Mitsubishi inverter driven air con units cooling a major IT room 24x7. The installation was on two units, as the third unit was programmed by the Trend building management system as a slave back up unit. The electricity consumption was monitored using a 3 phase OWL Smart monitor.

The total energy saving was 20%.

Wendy's 29% energy savings

An impressive 29% energy saving was achieved at Wendy's, a leading fast food restaurant chain. These results were achieved with the thermostat serving two 15 ton air-conditioning units in the kitchen and entrance areas and two 10 ton air-conditioning units serving the dining and children’s play areas within this restaurant

Pollos Frisby 32% energy savings

An impressive 32% energy-saving was achieved at Pollos Frisby, Colombia's largest fried chicken restaurant chain with more than 270 outlets in 24 cities. These results were achieved with improved temperature stability in midsummer under high humidity conditions when outside air temperatures can exceed 33°C.

McDonald's 39.37% energy savings

The thermostat delivered an amazing 39.37% reduction in energy consumption when working with this site’s TRANE 25TR (25 refrigeration tons) dual compressor rooftop air-conditioning unit. As the thermostat has a primary focus on achieving required temperature levels this impressive energy saving was achieved while maintaining required comfort levels within this McDonald's restaurant area

Dixons Carphone 25.6% energy savings

In all, 25 thermostat  units were installed on indoor components of their state-of-the-art Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) air-conditioning system. Although VRF systems have a reputation for energy efficiency the results of this installation demonstrated that the thermostat improved temperature stability while reducing air conditioning electricity costs. The thermostat's delivered energy savings were 25.6% compared with a baseline established prior to the energy-saving installation.