The LightCatcher brings more natural light into your buildings thanks to an ingenious mirror and technology system.

It is, for example, an ecological and economical alternative to indoor light streets or traditional domes:

the LightCatcher brings green energy, lots of light and halts temperature fluctuations.

EcoNation LightCatcher

The basic operation of the LightCatcher is very simple. In a polycarbonate dome, a mirror is integrated that focuses on the optimal light point : often that is the sun, often another point when the sun is covered by clouds or obstacles. The mirror captures the daylight and that light is reflected inwards, filtered and amplified in a light shaft, after which it is neatly distributed in the building.

The result: an average of ten hours a day, the artificial light from now the LightCatcher can bring intense and pleasant daylight . A roof opening of 1,6m², thanks to the LightCatcher, gives light in abundance to a zone of no less than 60 to 120m² on the floor.

That happens completely free of charge. The LightCatcher mirror is controlled by a patented sensor technology that always looks for the optimal light point, and that technology does not use a single cent of energy: an integrated solar panel ensures that the LightCatcher works completely autonomously, without having to connect to the electricity grid. And so the LightCatcher with a particularly small roof opening achieves maximum daylight in a building. LightCatcher can be retrofitted or installed on new build premises of all types.

With no up-front capital expenditure to purchase the units, retailers, warehouses, leisure facilities, atriums, conference centres, exhibition halls are just some of the numerous applications that can start saving right away.

EcoNation developed the LightCatcher in collaboration with the University of Ghent (Worldwide Patent). As the only light dome, the LightCatcher meets all the requirements of ' Best Available Technology' today. This means that the LightCatcher exceeds the most stringent European standards in terms of light efficiency, light diffusion, thermal insulation and environmentally friendly production (the CO2 print of a LightCatcher is preferably 6.6 times smaller than that of traditional light domes: less material for more light).

EcoNation Lighting Ecosystem

EcoNation also offer a comprehensive lighting ecosystem solution, combining the benefits of LightCatcher domes, 

PV panels and reforming all your internal electrical lighting to low energy solutions. Contact Ecofocus for details.

LightCatcher in action