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EndoTherm is a unique, award winning energy saving additive that is suitable for any wet heating system. EndoTherm has been independently proven to save up to 15% on heating bills. We have over 200 commercial case studies so let us know what sector you are in and we can supply relevant data to apply to your circumstances.

Key Benefits

  • Independently verified product claims
  • Proven 5 year longevity
  • Easily scalable
  • Wide range of case study data
  • Non-corrosive
  • Compatible with inhibitors
  • 100% organic
  • Applicable to existing or new systems
  • Fast ROI
  • No maintenance or calibration
  • Quick install, no downtime
  • Carbon Reduction

How EndoTherm Works

Due to the surface tension of fluid and imperfections in materials inside heating systems optimal thermal contact is not made.

When dosed EndoTherm™ stably changes the surface tension of the fluid by over 60% whilst remaining non-corrosive.

This increases the thermal contact which improves heat transfer rate and heating efficiency.

Resulting in rooms reaching determined temperature quicker and staying warmer for longer.

Return water temperature is lower which allows boilers to condensate more efficiently and recover more latent heat.

Less fuel is consumed to maintain thermostatically set temperature.

Case Studies

Civic Centre EndoTherm

EndoTherm was deployed at Middlesborough County Council Civic Centre as an energy saving capability. A monetary saving of £3,636 has been calculated based on a 2.8p/kWh unit price which means EndoTherm has paid itself back within 5 months. This is also equivalent to a 26.362kg of CO2 based on a 0.203kg CO2 per kWh.

NATS Air Traffic Control Centre installs EndoTherm

EndoTherm was installed into a NATS air traffic control centre in Ayrshire, Scotland reporting a £6,753 saving.

The Prestwick Centre in Ayrshire is NATS northern office. It is a 14,000 square meter mixed use commercial building. The site is heated by air conditioned systems and fan coils which is powered by 5 x Ferroli 247.5kW boilers (combined rating of 1,237.5kW). The system was dosed with a closed system inhibitor.

Award Winning