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Eco Thermostat

A new, ground-breaking, retrofit, intelligent thermostat that works across most types of cooling systems from air-conditioners and chillers to commercial refrigeration.

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Voltage Optimisation

We provide and install UK designed voltage optimisation systems that can reduce your electrical equipment’s energy consumption by up to 25%.

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EV Charging

Support your growing community of electric car users and generate revenue. Our knowledge also means you get the best technology for your needs.

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Residential PV + Battery

Improve your building stock with renewable energy without capital outlay.

Get fully-funded solar and storage then generate revenue.

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Energy Storage

Reduce your risk against costly power cuts and expensive grid power. Be protected and generate revenue from the smart grid. We help businesses to make the most of behind-the-meter energy storage

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Commercial PV + Battery

Our Capex-free PPA finance options mean you can optimise all your suitable surfaces to generate power for you and your commercial neighbours. To learn more about innovative PPA finance where you don't pay for installation but for the power you use from your own generation, or the opportunity to sell your surplus, visit the Finance section on our Solutions page.

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Digital Boiler Optimiser

Our DBO is designed to reduce the time your boiler will burn gas or oil without affecting the temperature of your building, giving your boiler more intelligence. Providing it is at least 5 years old and more than 70 kw capacity, we can help you.

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EndoTherm is a unique, award winning energy saving additive that is suitable for any wet heating system. EndoTherm has been independently proven to save up to 15% on heating bills and is used in over 100,000 heating systems by clients worldwide with over 200 supporting commercial case studies.

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Energy Saving Additive for Chilled Water Systems. Chilled water systems are dosed with chemicals to modify heat transfer properties and protect the systems pipework from freezing.

EndoCool™ enhances the heat transfer properties of the system fluid, reducing the workload of the compressor therefore delivering energy savings. EndoCool™ is part of the multi award winning EndoTherm™ family of technologies.

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Switched Reluctance Smart Motors

The SMC electric motor is the most efficient, reliable and innovative electric motor for HVAC systems on the market today. Using a patented Smart Switched Reluctance motor design, the SMC motor has combined a bespoke, intelligent IoT-driven software controller and driver to produce a solution that delivers a supremely controllable motor, at a much reduced lifetime cost when compared to alternative motors.

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Solar Lighting

Protect the environment and boost your eco-image? Then columns with solar cells are the perfect choice for you. The columns are carbon neutral and powered solely by solar energy. They can be off-grid, so no expensive cabling to lay or trenches to open.

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WiRems Energy Controller

Our occupancy energy controller stops wastage from your air-conditioning and lighting, in rooms that are not being used. Our technology also has an optional door and window sensor to stop expensive heating and cooling from escaping outside whilst the room is occupied, saving even more money.

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100% Guaranteed renewable energy

For our UK clients we offer an energy switch service for gas and electricity with, if you wish, a 100% guaranteed renewable energy source. If you have commercial premises and spend more than £5,000 per annum on gas or £15,000 per annum on electricity, call us for a free energy cost audit.

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Solar Powered auxiliary equipment for fleets

Power your commercial vehicle fleet from trailer lorries to rigids, fridge box and panel vans or coaches and buses that have electricity demands supported by burning diesel – tail lifts, refrigeration, etc - and through the IoT control you reduce your maintenance, optimise your fleet and can report CO2 emission savings.

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