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Touch Free Faucets

Touch-free, Covid-19 resilient, these elegant systems are easy to install, simple to maintain and highly sustainable in their use of water. We have a vast range to offer but here are two examples. 


Conti+ is our entry level product, delivered to you ready assembled with either mains or battery power (lasting typically 4 years before needing replacement). For more than 40 years, CONTI+ has been designing and manufacturing innovative solutions for hospitals, hotels, office and leisure facilities offering the highest level of hygiene and energy saving. From its headquarters in Switzerland, CONTI+ operates in 20 countries with factories in Switzerland and Germany. In addition to taps, CONTI+ also offers the innovative CNX water management system and a range of water and energy saving showers.


Introducing two new miscea CLASSIC models - the Pure S and the Pure W - Inspired by high performance medical devices, the CLASSIC Pure line is our latest range of luxury hygienic sensor faucets offering the perfect balance of precise touch free sensor technology and maximum performance combined with a contemporary and modern design.

Two Solutions

The Benefits of Conti+


CONTI+ touch-free taps offer water savings of up to 70% compared to traditional taps. The use of high-quality materials and components means you'll get years of trouble-free operation.


CONTI+ taps are completely hands-free, so protect users against bacteria transfer. Germ buildup within the unit is prevented through the use of bacteriostatic materials and hygienic rinsing.

Energy saving

You can extend the battery life of your CONTI+ taps for up to eight years using solar power generated from natural and artificial light or by generating electricity from the integrated water-driven turbine.

Stylish and attractive

CONTI+ hands-free sensor taps offer a range of attractive and stylish designs, making them suitable for installation in any environment, from factories and surgeries to hotels and executive washrooms.

Water saving

A choice of aerators offers you low flow rates of as little as 2 litres per minute. Water flow delay time can also be reducing, cutting water consumption even further.

Low maintenance

A single allen key is all you need to open the tap. Afterwards, tool-free servicing can be carried out in seconds via connector-free plug-and-play.


CONTI+ hands-free taps offer automatic sensor adjustment, security shut-off after 90 seconds, low battery indication and safety shutdown in the case of power failure.

Modular design

CONTI+ designs are developed using an intelligent modular design, offering you the flexibility of an individual, tailor-made tap for any environment or application.

CONTI+ taps use up to 70% less water than traditional taps 

The Magic of Miscea

The miscea CLASSIC Pure W model is an electronic, sensor operated water faucet that delivers the ultimate touch free experience with a reliable water start-stop interface that can be activated both automatically or manually. It provides instant, effortless water control with ingeniously placed sensors located directly behind the glass display panel.

The miscea CLASSIC Pure S model offers a soap dispenser conveniently integrated into the water faucet so users always have access to soap over the wash basin while washing their hands. For those seeking truly clean, streamlined and minimalist aesthetics without sacrificing on functionality, the CLASSIC Pure S model is the perfect choice.

With the introduction of these two exciting new models to our growing family of sensor faucets, we have released a series of brand new video content. Watch the videos and step into the new era of touch free sensor technology with the miscea CLASSIC Pure W and Pure S.

This solution also means you do not have to invest in separate soap dispensers.