The Sustainability Agenda

Every type of organisation is pursuing sustainability as a core part of their mission. 

We have products to help you reach your goals.


Whether a new build or a renovation, Ecofocus products make every residential property more sustainable, reducing waste whilst saving water, energy and CO2 emissions.


Building owners, property managing agents, facility management businesses, washroom maintenance companies, and commercial tenants can use Ecofocus Group products to meet their sustainability agenda whilst reducing costs.

Ecofocus everywhere

Retailers, Health spas, Gyms, Educational establishments, Factories, Offices, Government buildings, Hospitals - we have solutions to meet the sustainability opportunity in 

every building. 

Marine Sector

From superyachts to cruise ships, bulk carriers and oil tankers, we help you meet the highly topical sustainability agenda, reducing the consumption and waste of desalinated water, cutting energy use and CO2 emissions.

Agriculture Sector

Farmers everywhere see the need for sustainability as climate change impacts their operations all over the World. We help farmers cut costs and have innovative solutions for on and off grid energy generation.

Education Sector

By introducing sustainable solutions to your academic built environment today you not only create a better environment for study, but also set an example to the next generation whilst saving resources, reducing operating costs and cutting CO2 emissions. Students' enquiring minds are already asking the decision-making generation of today why we did not act faster.

If we continue to consume at the current rate, we would require the resources of three Planet Earths