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Ecofocus Group is proud to represent PRIESS in our markets.

PRIESS A/S has traditions dating back to 1921, when the first factory was built at Vinderup, near Holstebro, Denmark.

The company has the flexibility to offer sales of either individual or complete solutions. This gives customers a great deal of influence and scope for buying specialised solutions that meet their individual needs.

PRIESS A/S currently employs a staff of 130. Besides production, an independent development department has also been established. Working with external partners ensures that  PRIESS A/S is always at the cutting edge of developments.

What is a solar cell column?

It is more than a lamp post - it's a revenue generating asset

A solar cell column is a column whose solar cells and battery are structurally integrated into the column itself.

In short, the solar cells convert sunlight into electricity. The solar cells are not activated by rays of sunshine, but by sunlight. This explains why the solar cells generate some energy on cloudy days as well.

The energy generated by the solar cells is stored in a battery. During the day, sunlight charges the battery. And at night, you can use the solar energy stored in the battery.

Why should I invest in a solar cell column?

We know that every year in the UK over 4 billion KWh of electricity is consumed by street lighting , costing approximately £500 million and resulting in over 1.9 million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emissions. We have the proven sustainable alternative to conventional street lighting.

The advantage of solar cell columns is that they do not depend on electricity. This means that they are not restricted by the public electricity grid. This is smart, particularly in major urban areas where it can be difficult to bury cables but also in areas far from the public electricity grid. Setting up a solar cell column is easy and inexpensive. All you need to do is dig one hole—and not worry about having to pay the costs of burying miles of cables. Instead, you can lean back and enjoy the electricity generated by the solar power.

What can a solar cell column be used for?

Solar cell columns can easily be used as lamp posts. The solar panels on the column create sufficient energy to provide uniform, pleasant lighting on ordinary streets, systems of paths and large open areas. The solar cell columns are not only well-suited as lamp posts. You should think of them as an energy battery of sorts. The energy can be used for purposes other than creating light. For instance, you can use the energy to create WiFi hotspots, or connect and mount surveillance equipment or loudspeakers on the solar cell column. It is totally up to you.

Get 12 hours of light every day from the solar columns

A standard solar cell column has sufficient energy to provide 12 hours of light every day. But it is possible to increase the number of lighting hours by installing movement sensors and choosing a larger battery. For instance, we provide models that can provide constant illumination for seven days without any problem—without clear sunny skies. It takes less and less electricity to create good lighting nowadays. This also means that solar cell columns are constantly becoming better lighting solutions.

Column design: you can customise their appearance

Regardless of which type of solar cell column you need, they are all made of recyclable and eco-friendly materials. This is part of our concept.

It is possible to position the solar cells on the column in different ways. We always base our solution on your situation and position the solar cells where they generate the most energy to meet your needs.

Some of your options:

the solar cells are extend vertically along the column and all the way around the column;

the solar cells cover only one or two sides of the column;

the solar cells are positioned out of easy reach (to discourage vandalism);

the solar cells are mounted on a panel affixed to an ordinary column and positioned at a specific vertical height. This is particularly beneficial in areas with trees or if the column is in the midst of tall buildings.

Which column should I choose?

The number of hours of sunshine vary from one country to another. And from one season to another. Your choice of solar cell column will therefore depend on its geographical location. At latitudes with sparse sunlight, for instance, it takes more solar cells to capture the sunlight. And in a desert, it is a disadvantage if sand and dust can stick to the solar cells and block out sunlight.

Based on the location of your column, we will therefore calculate your precise energy need. And we ensure that you get the best solution all year round. In brief: there are no standard solutions. We develop unique column designs to meet your needs and wishes.

Find more advantages from our operating solutions here.

The cost of such a solar column must be exhorbitant?

A solar cell column does indeed cost a little more than an ordinary steel column with an ordinary lighting fixture. The higher price is due to the integrated solar cells. On the other hand, you avoid having to pay all the expenses for burying many meters of cables. And you will be at the forefront when energy prices rise.

See how much energy the column generates and uses

You can monitor the amount of energy generated and used by your column—from day to day and year to year. Our control system enables you to access data for every single column, no matter where you are (as long as you are online).