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In 2015, 193 countries signed up to the '2030 Sustainable Development Goals' (SDGs) that are opening the door to an estimated annual £9.3 trillion new market opportunities 

for businesses across the globe by 2030

The UK has committed to Net-Zero by 2050 in legislation

We can help you get there faster.

Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals are a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations in 2015. The formal name for the SDGs is: "Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development." Ecofocus Group products are particularly applicable to goals: 7 - Affordable and clean energy; 11 - Sustainable cities and communities; 12 - Responsible consumption and production; 13 - Climate action.

Our Products

There are numerous ways in which we can help our clients cut CO2 emissions, save costs and get to Net-Zero faster. They are not all featured here. Let us have the opportunity to give you our free energy consultancy audit, without obligation, to identify opportunities for you to win some 'low hanging fruit' on your journey to sustainability.

We are always hunting for new products and processes that meet the sustainability agenda in commercial settings, particularly in the built environment. Stop by our site regularly to see what's new but remember, there's more we offer than the products featured here. If you have a suitable product and are interested in us being your distributor in the UK or our overseas markets, please get in touch.

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New Arrivals - enquire here

  • A unique patented intelligent thermostat to cut energy consumption in air conditioning by up to 40% and refrigeration by up to 30%.
  • Electricity and gas cost cutting acquisition solutions with 100% renewable option.
  • E V Charging points for public and private sector commercial clients with exceptional back office functionality.
  • PV panels and storage batteries beating the diminished feed-in tariffs for residential and commercial buildings.
  • Voltage optimisation to cut costs and protect installations.

Unique energy saving thermostat

• A new, ground-breaking, retrofit, intelligent thermostat that works across most types of cooling systems from air-conditioners and chillers to commercial refrigeration.

• For commercial, not domestic use (except in very hot climates where high usage is the norm).

• It significantly improves the vapour-compression refrigeration cycle on cooling systems to reduce energy used.

• We supply and fit using our own qualified and trained electricians ensuring minimal operational interruption and correct installation.

This thermostat reduces energy costs on refrigeration by up to 30% and air-conditioning by up to 40%. It has a typical ROI of 18 months, with low risk and tax efficient finance options available. Leasing costs can be fully funded from savings. It also reduces CO2 emissions so supports your Corporate Social Responsibility plan, with associated PR opportunities. It improves temperature stability as well as client and staff comfort in communal areas. There is also an opportunity to reduce costs and share benefits, within 3rd party partners in any supply chain e.g. food processors, logistics and retailers.

Voltage Optimisation

We provide and install UK designed voltage optimisation systems that can reduce your electrical equipment’s energy consumption by up to 25%. So, when you consider the merits of voltage optimisation you should consider the return on investment by factoring both the cost of replacing or repairing damaged electrical equipment and the energy savings. After all, energy prices are only going to rise, and carbon reporting is only going to become more stringent; given the UK’s net-zero 2050 target which was introduced by the government in 2019.

EV Charging

Support your growing community of electric car users and generate revenue. Our knowledge also means you get the best technology for your needs.

We help both private and public businesses to provide electric car users with charge points for their vehicles. We can evaluate your site and propose locations, advise you on the varying technology options and then our qualified engineers manage the full installation and testing with minimal disruption to your business.

Now that you are up and running and keeping your community happy, we can get on with maintaining your new assets and returning user fees back to you via our billing platform, helping you see and report on your new revenue stream.

We offer full project management, so you can charge on with other jobs.

Residential PV + Battery

Improve your building stock with renewable energy without capital outlay.

Get fully-funded solar and storage then generate revenue

Our funding network and technical expertise help multi-property owners to roll out rooftop solar generation and domestic battery energy storage that can significantly reduce tenant energy bills and their carbon emissions. We can help you generate a new revenue stream by selling generated and stored electricity to your tenants and any excess electricity to the grid.

We offer an end-to-end service from initial feasibility studies and agreeing funding, to installation and commissioning.

We have the power to deliver your project.

Energy Storage

Reduce your risk against costly power cuts and expensive grid power. Be protected and generate revenue from the smart grid.

We help businesses to make the most of behind-the-meter energy storage. Batteries do more than just store excess power from renewable generation. Even without onsite generation, you can still be an effective smart grid player taking power from the grid when power is cheap and discharging to fuel your business when power is expensive. If you do have onsite renewables you can increase the value of your generation.

We can assess your operation and recommend the right size battery for your needs. We supply, install and can manage the ongoing maintenance of your battery. Funding is available.

We help your business to be energy smart

LightCatcher domes

Thanks to an ingenious mirror and technology system, the LightCatcher brings more and longer daylight into your buildings. It is an ecological and economical alternative to skylights or traditional domes: the LightCatcher provides green energy, lots of light and stops temperature fluctuations. Daylight has been proven to have a positive influence on work performance: it increases the concentration and efficiency of employees and it reduces absenteeism. In addition, daylight is free and abundant in our nature. Our dome is designed to bring more daylight into buildings through fewer and smaller roof openings. Equipping 2% of the roof surface with LightCatchers can already make a world of difference to the interior. The combination of more daylight through fewer roof openings and good heat transmission ensure that the LightCatcher is the most energy-efficient daylight dome on the market. You save on heating costs in the winter months and you don't have to worry about overheating on hot summer days.

100% Guaranteed renewable energy

For our UK clients we offer an energy switch service for gas and electricity with, if you wish, a 100% guaranteed renewable energy source. If you have commercial premises and spend more than £5,000 per annum on gas or £15,000 per annum on electricity, call us for a free energy cost audit.

Using our simple and effective portal we empower our client’s to manage their energy needs. We not only provide procurement services, but all the other services you would expect from our partners, one of the UK’s leading utilities and energy consultants. We help our customers get the best value from their energy contracts, reducing their energy consumption, minimising their carbon footprint and ensuring that their bills are right. Thousands of businesses of all sizes from all over the UK rely on this service for their energy needs, whether that be one site or multi-sites across the UK. We remove the stress of dealing with the energy contracts by contacting your existing and new supplier, as well as managing the process throughout, from start to finish.

By working with a wide range of suppliers we ensure that we have access to the best market pricing available. Prices can vary by 28% between the highest and the lowest quote for each customer. If you only check the price of one supplier, it’s rare that their prices will be the lowest on offer. Our portal takes the pain away from you needing to trawl the market looking for the best deal. All the suppliers picked by our partner have been carefully selected by them based on their long term financial viability, billing accuracy, ease to do business with and responsiveness to our customers. 

Touch-Free Faucets

We offer a comprehensive range of touch-free, infra-red activated faucets for washbasins, showers, urinal flushing and soap dispensing. As well as being ideal as a retro-fit hygiene solution in response to the Covid-19 pandemic our ranges are focused on water conservation and sustainability.


Designed by plumbers, for plumbers. The University of Valencia has run tests and evaluated the benefits of this amazing device that can be installed by any qualified plumber. It works by saving and recycling on-site the cold water run-off that happens when someone opens a hot tap at a basin or shower, diverting it to a small expansion vessel. It stops all that beautiful, clean, potable water being sent down the sink and wasted and with a ROI of just two to three years, it makes financial sense too.

If just one person uses a hot tap three times a day: they will save up to 20,500 litres of water per person per annum – 40.6% saving; They will save up to 585 kw of energy – 33.8% saving; and they will save up to 272 kg of CO2 – 34.08% saving

In one year 50 households would save: 2.5 million litres (an Olympic size swimming pool); 14 houses could be electrified for a year; 13 trees equivalent CO2 absorption. Click the link to learn all about SmartWater® , the options, installation and more.

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OAS Shower

ENJOY WATER BETTER - saving up to 90% of your shower water.

Take the best shower you’ve ever had in a few litres of all the water you want. The perfect compliment to our SmartWater device.

OAS uses closed loop re-purification technology to recirculate 

5-10 litres of clean hot water at the ideal temperature, pressure and flow rate. Use all the water you want. Without wasting a drop. OAS will continuously purify and comfort-correct the few litres you start with, for as long as you shower. Click here for more information. 

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Solar Lighting

Solar cell columns: Your eco-friendly option

Do you want to protect the environment and boost your eco-image? Then columns with solar cells are the perfect choice for you. The columns are carbon neutral and powered solely by solar energy. They can be off-grid, so no expensive cabling to lay or trenches to open. However in most settings they should be on-grid - instead of viewing them as lamposts, one should see them as solar power generating assets, boosting renewable energy to the grid and a revenue generating opportunity.

PRIESS A/S is a leading supplier of solar street lighting.

They have erected and installed more than 3,000 columns with solar cells over the years. And they can help you by providing custom-designed columns for any situation whatsoever.

Their many years of experience mean that they have not only developed solar cell columns capable of enduring the heat and harsh environments of the Middle East, but also the long winter nights of Europe. Click here for more information.

Food Waste Disposal Eco-System

Companies achieve a number of unique benefits with this revolutionary system. All employees in the kitchen get a lighter and more hygienic workflow as a food grinder takes care of the food waste quickly and the system recycles it into green energy for, for example, heat and electricity. A BioMaster in the kitchen is a gain for all parties - from food waste to biogas. A modern and green solution for the disposal of food waste. Biogas plants are supplied with biofuels, CO2 emissions are reduced, food waste is recycled, the environmental objective is met. Click here for more information.

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Bioenergy Gasifier

Our enhanced, proven, bio-reforming gasifier technology suits sectors with low calorific, organic waste streams that are able to be converted using the Bioenergy bio-reformer into high quality syn-gas for the provision of heat and electricity.

Tightening environmental legislation, and increasing costs associated with waste disposal are driving demand for innovative, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to the issue of waste disposal. Click here for more information. Make an enquiry - I am interested in this product

Technical cabins & concepts

If our Bioenergy Gasifier is linked into a district heating system then our pump cabins fit the bill as part of the infrastructure. PRIESS A/S is Denmark's leading manufacturer of secondary substations, pump cabins and technical cabins. Our range includes standard and customised cabins for pumps, broadband, secondary substations, insulated technical, valve and electrical cabins, raw water cabins for springs, subsurface cabins, and component cabinets that are primarily used for electrical switchboards' coils, controls' frequency converters, and more.

Flexibility and customization are a matter of course to PRIESS A/S. With the installation of around 20.000 cabins and more than 30 years`experience in the manufacture of both standard and customized solutions. PRIESS A/S provides flexibility and quality every step of the way. Since 2003, there have also been delivered approx. 1800 Shelter panel solutions. Their strong relations with the electricity sector date back many years. Pumping enterprises and utilities are also day-to-day business associates for the development of customized solutions. This enables PRIESS A/S to guarantee you a secure, long-lasting investment. 


5i Intelligent Energy Platform

Energy and operational intelligence.

BuildingIQ's technology platform is built on the five pillars of data capture analysis, advanced modeling, measurement & verification, closed loop predictive control, and expert human analysis. Services built on their platform deliver an optimized balance of energy savings, operational efficiency, and tenant comfort. Click here for more information

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Digital Boiler Optimiser

Our DBO is designed to reduce the time your boiler will burn gas or oil without affecting the temperature of your building, giving your boiler more intelligence. A boiler thermostat generally maintains temperatures in the boiler between 70 and 80 degrees C. The DBO ensures a boiler only responds to the needs of the building – not the boiler, which can often cool a couple of extra degrees and is sufficient to double the length of the cooling curve. The DBO takes itself in and out of circuit every 50 boiler cycles and measures the cooling and firing times for each cycle. The DBO makes savings possible without the need for boiler temperature or footfall adjustments.

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60% of the World's population live in urban areas that are high consumers of water, energy and creators of CO2 emissions