Sustainability products for Agriculture


This devices saves the cold water run-off that happens when you open a hot tap. It saves up to 20,500 litres of water a year per person, reduces energy consumption and cuts CO2 emissions, whilst cutting your metered water bill.

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OAS Shower

Saving up to 90% of your shower water. Use all the water you want. Without wasting a drop. OAS will continuously purify and comfort-correct the few litres you start with, for as long as you shower. The ideal companion to SmartWater.

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Free natural light for large barns, sheds, warehouses and other buildings. It can be retrofitted.

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Purix Solar Air Conditioning

Eco-friendly air conditioning for all spaces from farm houses to working areas where you need to reduce the heat for man and livestock.

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CeraHeat ceramic heaters

Energy efficient and delivering the heat at the point of consumption CeraHeat has health benefits too as they create no condensation.

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Remember - you can lease or purchase outright. Whatever suits you best.