Air Conditioning Technology for people who care

At Purix they believe the use of air conditioning should be a pleasant and environmentally friendly experience. Their response is a solar air conditioning product made for people, powered by the sun.

Many spaces we meet in our everyday life make use of air conditioning systems for creating a comfortable environment. The user experience can be less pleasant due to noisy and electricity consuming products supplying an uncomfortable chilly stream of dry air.

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Cool by nature

We benefit from the power of nature in most of our daily life, and as our needs change over time, so does the way we make use of nature. Solar cooling is as natural and clean as it gets, providing a comfortable indoor climate harnessing energy from the sun.

A green tomorrow

Air conditioners are costly to operate and contribute to climate change. At present consumers have few “green” alternatives as almost all forms of air conditioning consume electricity.

Purix solar air conditioning offers a sustainable alternative to conventional products – helping you build a green tomorrow without compromising basic needs for a comfortable environment where and when you need it.

Tourism and Hospitality

The Purix solar air conditioner is a must for hotels and resorts interested in caring for the environment and improving environmental performance. Their configurable split air conditioner provides the opportunity to substitute costly electric consumption with a sustainable, cost-effective alternative.

The Purix air conditioner works around the clock and spares the environment for greenhouse gas emissions while reducing electricity costs.

Purix is your partner for building a greener business today, offering attractive and reliable climate solutions as an attractive investment. Traditional air conditioning systems are costly to operate, noisy and rarely offer guests a comfortable indoor climate.

For cost saving reasons, most bedroom air conditioning systems are used only when guests return to their rooms – resulting in an uncomfortable and noisy user experience.

Solar cooling for bedrooms with Purix technology provides guests a more pleasant and quieter user experience because the cost of operation during daylight hours is low.

The Purix solar air conditioner applies a flexible product design and is ideal for the replacement and refurbishment of existing facilities, or for integration in new construction projects.

Learn how the Purix solar air conditioner works by contacting Ecofocus Group.


We believe that caring for the environment is also good for business. Reducing costs while protecting the environment are essential qualities of our products, while providing you a comfortable indoor climate.

Purix provides a range of environmentally friendly air conditioning units for small applications such as:

Office spaces

Meeting facilities

Telecom and computer installations



Sports installations

At Purix they recognize the demand for green products to harmonise with interior design and architecture.

The Purix solar air conditioner unit can be installed as an effective stand-alone unit, or integrated with existing air condition systems to maximise cooling capacity using green technology.


In many homes and summer residences, air conditioning is indispensable during the hot season. However, the use of traditional systems is polluting, noisy and costly to operate.

At Purix, they believe consumers should have the option of having a truly green alternative to conventional electricity consuming products.

By using their technical expertise, they have designed a new generation of air conditioning products for people concerned about the environment, without comprising on cost or comfort.

And despite the name, solar cooling will keep you cool around the clock, when you need it, where you need it!