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Conti + Showers

Why choose CONTI+ showers?

Electronic timer controlled operation - you can determine the amount of time for which the shower will run after each push of the button. The shower comes preprogrammed to run for 3 minutes, which we've found to be the ideal time for hotels, gyms etc, or you can customise it to the requirements of your own users.

Reduce your water bill - the super accurate, customisable timer controlled operation removes completely any risk of users leaving the shower running. You can also educate your users to take shorter showers by reducing the running time depending on your users' habits. For example, we know that people tend to shower for much longer in universities than they do in hotels or gyms. Trial installations in universities show that reducing the time for which the shower automatically runs can change users' habits and encourage them to take shorter showers.

No dripping after the shower stops running - typical shower valves are prone to leaking and drops, but CONTI+ showers have precision electronic control meaning there's no way that the shower can drip, thus further reducing your water bill and maintenance costs.

Programmable automatic hygiene flushes - ensure that every shower gets run for the requisite amount of time by pre-programming regular automatic hygiene flushes which will automatically turn the shower on and off and run it for a pre-determined length of time. If you have a number of showers then you can also opt for a software package that enables you to individually programme each one and customise completely to your particular requirements.

100% anti-bacterial - the shower panel is made from AVW plastic which is 100% anti-bacterial so no germs, bugs or bacteria can grow on the surface of the shower panel itself.

No visible water staining - the AVW plastic panel is extremely robust and strong, and it maintains a clean, streak-free look with no visible water staining.

Full, easy access to the back of the shower - isolating the shower is a quick job. Simply remove the handle and unscrew the screws to remove the front plate and then you have access to everything you need. Unlike other showers, there are no problems with access - engineers and plumbers can easily access all the working parts of the shower.

Customise your look with a selection of shower heads - choose the look that's right for you from a selection of different stylish shower head designs.

All components in the shower are tested up to 80 degrees - the components in other showers will typically tend to corrode and leak if exposed to temperatures higher than 45-50 degrees, but every component in the CONTI+ shower has been tested up to 80 degrees so you can flush your shower at a temperature guaranteed to kill every single bacteria without any risk to the shower itself.

Built in soap tray - the soap tray looks completely flat but it is actually angled from the back with a slight curvature so that water can’t collect there, so there's no chance of unsightly and unhygienic soap and water residue collecting in the tray.