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Smart Community Car Parking

Delight your community and customers and maximize the return on your parking assets with the only smart parking guidance solution based on future-proof AI technology. Our multi-award winning system provides clients unprecedented value by efficiently filling every space and seamlessly guiding patrons to the best open spot, with zero capital investment and seamless integration with existing infrastructure.

Our best-in-class solution monitors outdoor and on-street parking spaces for intelligent analysis about behavior and with state-of the-art displays. Our unique AI-powered overhead smart parking sensors for on-street and outdoor parking enable operators of large parking facilities to dramatically reduce search traffic, reduce pollution and improve the driver experience. Our portfolio of patented systems and solutions perform in a wide range of applications and environments, including on-street, outdoor and indoor facilities. Through real-time insights into the precise location of available parking spots and reliable guidance for drivers, parking search times can be nearly eliminated, and total traffic in towns, cities, or shopping malls and sports stadiums can be reduced dramatically. This results in increased revenues with less time parking and more time shopping, lower pollution, and happier visitors.