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Residential and Commercial buildings benefit by installing SmartWater

  • Easily installed when fitting new bathrooms
  • Can be retrofitted to many existing bathrooms.
  • Installing a new boiler? You can ask your customer if they would like this to be installed at the same time
  • Ideal for all new build situations
  • Helps families meet their 'green' agenda, reducing water waste whilst saving on household bills
  • The return on investment is about 2 years - much faster than solar panel installation (12-18 years typically)
  • Can be installed by any qualified plumber
  • Most organisations are focused on their sustainability credentials - this device helps you achieve those
  • Ideal for salons, public washrooms, gyms, spas, hotels, offices, factories, warehouses, education establishments, shopping malls, hospitals and retail shops - everywhere!
  • One device can supply a row of sinks or showers or adjacent rooms in close proximity.
  • Commercial premises can expect a return of investment in under 2 years
  • The return on investment is faster than in the domestic situation in every imaginable situation

SmartWater FAQ's

  • How it works: A small SmartWater® box can be installed by any plumber. Installation instructions are in the packaging and available here. The box is placed near the tap (hidden under the counter or in a vanity unit or cupboard) at the end of the hot water supply pipe. The hot water supply pipes are diverted through the box. When a person wants hot water they just press a button installed on the counter top – it shows blue whilst cold water sitting in the hot water pipe is drawn down. A valve in the box diverts the cold water to a tank that can be installed anywhere in the system. As soon as the hot water supply arrives the valve closes and the button turns red. The person then opens their hot tap and gets instant hot water. The hot water arrives just as quickly as it always did, but now no cold potable water is wasted.
  • Do I need a box for every bathroom? Not necessarily. One device can service adjacent bathrooms or multiple sinks and shower heads in a room.
  • Washroom visitors will forget to push the button: We have a solution - see 'commercial application options' below. Infrared, PIR movement sensors and hotel key-card activation are all available.
  • We are using 'touchless technology' washroom fitments in the interests of hygiene: Install our infrared or PIR system in place of the button.
  • Washroom attendants will not know the batteries have expired: The device can be run off a mains connected small charger, like that used for mobile telephones.
  • In some parts of the world, batteries are hard to come by or expensive: We have a solar panel powered option available.
  • Energy saving: People often ask about the energy saving figure, because the boiler still seems to work much the same as always. The difference is that without the SmartWater® device, the exit pressure when expelling the cold water sitting in the hot pipe, is the full pressure of the system pushing water at great speed. As a result the cold water from the system comes into the boiler at the same speed, which makes the average temperature inside the boiler to go down rapidly requiring it to spend more energy to re-heat the water. When using SmartWater® , the pressure between the hot and cold pipes is controlled and reduced just to 1-1,5 bar which reduces the speed and volume of water wasted and at the same time reduces the volume of cold water coming into the boiler. This keeps the average temperature inside the boiler higher and requires less energy in heating. This is how the energy saving is achieved. Each retained degree in the average temperature inside the boiler results in a lot of energy saved.
  • Warranty: The unit is covered by a two year warranty. Details on request.
  • Battery life: The AA batteries will typically last at least two years
  • DIY installation: We do not sell direct to consumers as the device must be installed by a qualified plumber who can supply the correct accessories as well as understanding the valve that needs inserting into the pipe network. We don't want any leaks! We do not accept any liability for DIY installations and the warranty is invalid.
  • Got more questions? Ask away! [email protected]

University of Valencia

Click here to see the University of Valencia analysis of the SmartWater benefits

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Commercial application options

An alternative to the button mechanism is for the device to be activated by an infrared beam, PIR movement sensor or hotel key-card. This means you do not have to rely on a washroom visitor or hotel room occupant to remember to push the button.

If changing the batteries is impractical, which it maybe in a commercial washroom environment, then the unit can be powered off a charger similar to a mobile telephone charger. Contact us for details, prices and technical support.

In some parts of the World, batteries are hard to find or very expensive. The unit can be powered by a solar panel in these situations, or off a charger connected to the mains, similar to a mobile telephone charger. Contact us for details, prices and technical support.

SmartWater in Action

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A Little Box with Big Results

Compact and clever, the SmartWater device is about the size of a thick paperback book

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Easy Installation

Easy to install by any qualified plumber, the device comes with full installation guidance.

Installation and user manual

Click here for the installation and user manual

Tell Everyone

Tell everyone about your sustainability by putting our small window decal on your business' front door or window.

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A great product for managers responsible for CSR and Sustainability

If you have hand basins and showers in your premises, this device saves your water, energy and CO2 emissions as well as costs!