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Solar PV for Transport

This brilliant system of 2mm thick solar mats are applied to the roof of commercial vehicles across the globe, saving fuel, CO2 and maintenance costs for customers.


The telematics go even further, providing data-driven opportunities to improve operational performance, with Tail Lift Counts and Battery Status reporting being just a few of the benefits of the systems.

Your Fleet

Along with fuel & CO2 savings and data to back it up, these solutions provide operational benefits information, geared to optimise fleets of all types. Flexible, shatterproof & ultra-thin, these mats are the best on the market, and are fitted with ease to your fleet. Whether your fleet comprises rigid trucks, articulated lorries with trailers, fridge box vans, GE vans, coaches and buses, or refuse carts you can save fuel consumption by powering your on-board electrics through our solar power solution, already in use by some of the biggest fleet operators in the UK and overseas such as retailers and parcel delivery fleets. 

A great way to save fuel, cut CO2 emissions and make your fleet more sustainable.