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Bioenergy Gasifier

Our enhanced, proven, bio-reforming gasifier technology suits sectors with low calorific, organic waste streams that are able to be converted using the Bioenergy bio-reformer into high quality syn-gas for the provision of heat and electricity.

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Technical Cabins & Concepts

If our Bioenergy Gasifier is linked into a district heating system then our pump cabins fit the bill as part of the infrastructure. PRIESS A/S is Denmark's leading manufacturer of secondary substations, pump cabins and technical cabins.

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Building IQ

Energy and operational intelligence.

BuildingIQ's technology platform is built on the five pillars of data capture analysis, advanced modeling, measurement & verification, closed loop predictive control, and expert human analysis.

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Smart Community Car Parking

Car parking is a major issue in the built environment, with negative environmental impact of traffic flows causing pollution and wasting energy whilst parking spaces are being hunted down. We work with councils and local authorities to make traffic management highly efficient in town centres,  but also shopping malls, airport parking lots, universities or anywhere with high demand parking requirements.

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Food Waste Disposal Eco-System

All employees in the kitchen get a lighter and more hygienic workflow as a food grinder takes care of the food waste quickly and the system recycles it off-site into green energy for, for example, heat and electricity. The system can be configured to handle up to 18 tonnes a day.

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Waterway Trash Wheel

The Waterwheel Powered Trash Interceptor collects and removes trash and debris from waterways at a fraction of the per tonne cost of other systems for the following reasons:

‚Äč > Uses all renewable energy, therefore fuel costs are minimized.

 > Effectively contains and collects debris at a single point before it disperses throughout the harbour, saving labour and effort.

 > Uses reusable refuse containers (i.e., dumpsters instead of disposable nets) thus reducing operational costs.

 > Incorporates high quality construction for durability and low maintenance costs.

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