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Dishwashing Technology

Minimal water consumption and effective energy management add up to an extremely economical washing process and top-class environmental performance, plus Covid-19 required levels of hygiene ideal for care homes, hospitals and any facility with large numbers of people accessing catering.

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Total Washroom Solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of touch-free, infra-red activated faucets for washbasins, showers, urinal flushing, soap and disinfectant dispensing, and hand drying. As well as being ideal as a retro-fit hygiene solution in response to the Covid-19 pandemic our ranges are focused on water conservation and sustainability.

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SmartWater works by saving and recycling on-site the cold water run-off that happens when someone opens a hot tap at a basin or shower, diverting it to a small expansion vessel. One person opening a hot tap 3 times a day wastes 20,500 Litres of clean, potable water each year.

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OAS Shower

Enjoy water better - saving up to 90% of your shower water.

Take the best shower you’ve ever had in a few litres of all the water you want. The perfect compliment to our SmartWater device.

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Waste Water Treatment

Whether it is a Council seeking to source desalinated water for their community or an industrial application wanting to manage their waste water more sustainably, we have solutions to help. Our systems are widely used across many industries and provide maximum water recovery of up to 98% plus a resistance to fouling or scaling, leading your organisation to effortless and worry free water purification.

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LifeLine UV

Lifeline UV offers a safe, reliable and environmentally friendly way of disinfecting water supplies. This is a chemical free disinfection product that utilises UV light to deactivate pathogens in water, and uses no chemicals. Lifeline UV is the disinfection system of choice for safe, reliable and environmentally friendly water treatment.

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Taps left running can cause baths, basins and sinks to overflow. Nova-Flo shuts off the water supply to taps when the level reaches the overflow. Being mechanical and auto-reset, no electrical supply is required. Installation prevents costly repairs after floods damaging floors and ceilings.

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WaterKing Sentry

Water-King is an electronic physical water conditioner that inhibits scale formation in hot and cold water services, removes existing scale deposits and partially softens hot water. It requires no plumbing and has a 25 year maintenance free design life. Various models for residential through to commercial premises.

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BREEAM Water Leak Detectors

One or two zone major water leak detection systems designed to meet the requirements of WAT02 and WAT03 where either internal leak detection or both internal and external leak detection is required.

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BREEAM Sensor Activated Water Supply Shut-Off Valves

The PIR sensor activated shut-off valve is designed to comply with BREEAM WAT04 for automatic sanitary shut-off requirements. It utilises a PIR sensor to detect the presence of people in a room, which when activated will switch a solenoid valve to the open position allowing water usage.

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Inline Leak Detection and Automatic Shut-Off

The fully WRAS approved inline leak detection system and auto shut-off valve is designed to reduce the risk of costly flood damage by monitoring flow rates and identifying periods of excessive or unexpected flow at which point it will automatically shut-off the water supply.

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More Great Ideas Coming Soon

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