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WaterKing Sentry

Water-King is a market leading physical water conditioner that is already widely specified and installed by many of the UK’s leading consulting engineers and contractors on all types of projects where hard water is supplied. It is the only product of its kind proven by independent laboratory tests to partially soften hot water and has been performance verified using IGC-335 protocol.

It is value engineered, requires no plumbing and has a design life of 25 years – it really is the fit and forget alternative to salt based softening!

The Water-King Sentry is the entry level unit (ask for details about the bigger application units) and has been specifically designed with the needs of the Housing Associations and RSL’s in mind. It is compact, tamper resistant, and automatically resets so requires no monitoring.

It is fully waterproof (IPX8 3 meters) so can be used in damp or hostile environments, including commercial catering applications, shower blocks and external use on irrigation systems. It is especially suitable for protecting individual appliances.

Each Water-King aerial requires up to 6 cm of straight pipe. They can be fitted either side of bends on horizontal or vertical pipes. Water-King units can be fitted to pipes of any material except lead. The pipe does not need to be cut, there is no plumbing involved, nor is there any requirement for an isolating bypass with associated valves. Insulation may be fitted over the aerials after installation. Each unit requires mains voltage supply within one metre of the unit. The unit should be located within 45 cm of the pipe being treated.  By improving performance this device saves energy and aids sustainability.