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WiRems Energy Controller

Maintain comfort, save money and reduce carbon emissions

We can deliver a powerful return on your investment.

We help businesses to significantly reduce energy costs and lower carbon emissions without changing the comfort levels that your building users need. Our clever energy-saving device makes sure that your investment is paid back quickly and then you can enjoy lower energy costs and emissions on an ongoing basis.

Our British designed and manufactured WiREMS technology is easy to install with little or no wiring, depending on which device you choose. You can expect a payback of between 6 – 12 months as our occupancy energy controller stops wastage from your air-conditioning and lighting, in rooms that are not being used. Our technology also has an optional door and window sensor to stop expensive heating and cooling from escaping outside whilst the room is occupied, saving even more money.

We don’t drop comfort levels but we do drop your energy bills and carbon emissions. Each unit is independent and room specific, so either mains or battery power is possible. It is a movement and heat sensor so works if anyone is in the room.